Inside isinglass

isinglass /ˈʌɪzɪŋˌɡlɑːs/ ​noun

​1. a kind of collagen obtained from fish, especially sturgeon

​2. a London-based consultancy founded in 2017​

Why 'Isinglass'?

It may seem like a strange to name a business after a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of dead fish. But actually it is entirely appropriate.

Isinglass is a gelatin (cooked collagen) used mainly in the process of beer and wine production. It is a clarifying agent.

Which is exactly what Isinglass Consulting does: makes things clearer.

​The business of doing business can often be confusing. A fresh pair of eyes never hurt, especially ones that have seen a lot over many years in many industries.

Making an impact

Helping local businesses is what gets us going. The best businesses aren't in the Square Mile - they are down the road from you and me, running on passion and a dream.

We are eager to find out what is special about your business and what makes you tick. That's why every project starts with a blank sheet of paper and 13 years' experience behind the pen.

To make a measurable impact on your business, we build simple yet effective strategies, bespoke to you, using jargon-free language. We provide clear courses of action and project 'after-care' to help with implementation.

Tim had a considerable impact on a number of projects, providing structure and guidance using his strong project management, robust analysis, and excellent communication skills. Working with Tim was always a pleasure and he was a fantastic addition to the team.

Vikram Banerjee, Head of Strategy, ECB

ECB Innovation Strategy